Practicing and Promoting Self-Care

Led By Becky Scorer

This workshop is for school staff and professionals working with children and families. It’s easy when
you are busy looking after everyone else to forget about your own needs. This workshop aims to
provide practitioners with an opportunity to invest in their own self-care needs and to develop easy
to implement self-care strategies and routines. The strategies within this workshop can be used in
your work with young people and families to ensure they take time to care for their own self-care
needs also.
Within the workshop you will explore …
 How to take time in your day for simple self-care
 Self-Care techniques and activities
 Supporting clients and staff to practice self-care

£35 per delegate
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Self-Care with Becky Scorer 1-3pm (1) (1)

The Bungalow Partnership
Rose Wood Academy
The Garth
Coulby Newham

Telephone: 01642 595363

Registered Charity Number 1160501