Managing the Impact of Disclosures on Your Wellbeing – ONLINE (Jan)


Wednesday 10 th January 2024 5-6pm

It is natural to feel worried and overwhelmed if a child tells you they are being harmed. You will want to create an environment in which you can support the child/ young person to share their experiences and to receive and report the information in a way that is both sensitive and accurate. You will want to reassure the child without over promising, you will want to react appropriately and proportionately and record your notes accurately and timely. All whilst remaining calm and measured. You have a duty of care and responsibility to the child but also to yourself and how you take care of yourself afterwards needs to be an integral part of your safeguarding process.

This course will enable you to:
Understand your stress thresholds.
Know when you might need support with self-care.
Know what helps you maintain healthy work/life boundaries.
Create a well-being checklist.

£30 per delegate
To book a place please contact

The Bungalow Partnership
Rose Wood Academy
The Garth
Coulby Newham

Telephone: 01642 595363

Registered Charity Number 1160501