Identifying transference and countertransference in working with children


Wednesday 24 th April 2024 5-6pm

In all our interactions there are feelings and emotions involved, some positive and some not so
helpful. Sometimes we might feel and express a strong emotion towards someone and not
understand why it has surfaced in a particular situation. Sometimes we might seem to elicit strong
emotions or reactions in others and wonder how or why this has happened. This course will help you
understand how relationship dynamics can be impacted by ‘your stuff and ‘their stuff’. The first step
in managing the impact is understanding why it happens and how it happens.
This course will enable you to:
 Understand the definition of transference and countertransference.
 Understand the impact of transference and countertransference on our relationships.
 Consider when transference or countertransference might have been a barrier to your
connection with a child.
 Consider how you might become aware of and identify transference and
countertransference in your relationships with children.

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