HeartMath Workshop (Transforming stress into resilience)

Monday 4 th March 2024 9.30am-11am

Venue TBC

HeartMath is a way to transform stress into resilience in the moment. We have created a number of
fast and powerful techniques which put you into an optimal state called coherence. Coherence is a
real, scientifically measurable state in which the Autonomic Nervous System is in balance. When you
are coherent you are able to think clearly and objectively.
The Heartmath approach can also use Biofeedback technology as a way to help people realise the full
potential of the power of intention and thought.
This training will enable you to…
• Understand how HeartMath works in transforming stress into resilience.
• Identify how this approach promotes coherence and what the state of coherence brings to
• Explore how this approach can support a healthy autonomic nervous system, clarity of thought
and potency.

£35.00 per delegate
To book a place please contact thebungalowpartnership@gmail.com

This training is in high demand and places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

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